Mertex has had a Successful Sheepvention once again taking out the Interbreed Supreme Short Wool Group for the 2nd year in a row, As well as Champion Texel Ram & Champion Texel Ewe. Along with success at both The Australian Sheep & Wool Show and The Ballarat Sheep Show in the weeks prior where the Texel Breed was Feature Breed. Bendigo saw Mertex take Most Successful Texel Exhibitor, Reserve Champion Ram & Ewe, Progeny Group, Group of 1 Ram & 2 Ewes as well as The Tullamore Park Performance Ram Trophy. Ballarat, under a New Zealand Judge gave Mertex Supreme Champion Texel with their Champion Ewe followed by Reserve Champion Ram & Ewe and Group of 1 Ram & 2 Ewes.

2013 is a significant year for The Texel Breed as it celebrates 20 Years in Australia.

As we look back on the Breeds 20 Years it can be proud of its dominance in carcase competitions across the country. The Texel’s main features of carcase shape and lean meat yield has been the main factor to its success.

It’s because of the Texel’s High Carcase Yield that it has never been a main breed seen through the saleyard selling system as Texel sired lambs are most often sold directly over the hooks where producers are paid for that extra weight.

Texel Lamb has always been a Butchers favourite as little or no trimming of the carcase is required resulting in less waste along with excellent meat colour and eating quality for their customers. The quality of cuts from the good eyes in the loin chops and the magnificent legs and forequarters is of no comparison.

Texel’s don’t only perform on the hook they also perform in the paddock. With their hardiness and doing ability. The Texel Breed has an extremely good temperament resulting in them being easy to work with and great mothering ability.

At Mertex we’ve been Breeding Texel’s sense 1996 and have been extremely happy with their performance. We have had great success in the show ring in our 13 years of showcasing our Stud. We’ve been successful in winning Supreme Champion Prime Lamb Group at Hamilton Sheepvention in 2012 & 2013, Supreme Interbreed Group Geelong Royal Show 2009 and Champion Sheep of The Geelong Royal Show in 2009.

Along with 3 Champion Rams & Ewe, 3 Reserve Champion Rams & 2 Ewes at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show.  8 Champion Rams & 7 Ewes, 5 Reserve Champion Rams & 4 Ewes at Hamilton Sheepvention as well as great success at other Shows.

As well as Stud success we’ve had great success in our prime lamb enterprise as well by winning numerous Prime Lamb & Carcase Competitions, Topping Saleyard prices and coming 2nd in The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Carcase Competition in 2009 with a consignment of over 250 lambs being some Highlights.

Because of our Prime Lamb operation and our success in it we know the quality and the benefits using Mertex Rams will give you.