Mertex Texel & White Suffolk Stud is run on the Antwerp property alongside a cropping enterprise growing Barley, Wheat, Beans, Lupins and Vetch for grazing and hay. The Texel Stud was established in 1996 and now consists of 150 Stud Ewes. The White Suffolk Stud was registered in 2012 and now consists of 200 Stud Ewes.

The Stud Ewes main lambing is in June & July with a few White Suffolk Ewes lambed down in April/May and the White Suffolk Ewe Lambs lambing in August. Our breeding aims are to breed well structured sheep true to their breed type carrying excellent muscling attributes. To provide high quality flock rams into the prime lamb industry, and sound breeding stock to stud breeders. Mertex Texel & White Suffolk Studs are both Lambplan plan recorded flocks with all lambs weighed and tagged at birth. Our sale rams are also Stock Scanned in August.
At Mertex we also run a self-replacing composite ewe flock of 4000 ewes which consist of various percentages of Texel, East Friesian, White Suffolk and Samm for our prime lamb operation that is run on our Miga Lake and Charam properties. Ewes are lambed down in May/June. We also join our composite ewe lambs to lamb down in August/September. Sucker Lambs are sold from the middle of September onwards normally between 24kg to 28kg dressed weight.
We’ve had success in various prime lamb and carcase competitions over the years, in which we continue to have great success in the Royal Geelong Show prime lamb & carcase competition annually.

Our Rams are bred for structural correctness, growth and easy lambing to breed lambs with high yielding carcasses, growth and doing ability. As prime lamb producers we know what puts $$$ in your pocket.


We also breed Texel/White Suffolk X Rams, Texel/East Friesian X Rams and Texel/East Frisian/Border Leicester X Rams to use in our commercial ewe flock and to offer to our ram clienets annually.

Flock Rams For Private Selection from September

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Mertex Supreme White Suffolk Exhibit Australian Sheep & Wool Show 2017

August 3rd, 2017|0 Comments

Mertex Texel & White Suffolk Studs from Antwerp, had an extremely successful showing at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show in Bendigo. The Jorgensen Family dominated the senior ram classes in the White Suffolk section on Friday with a first placing in the April, May & June classes and second [...]

Mertex Texel and White Suffolk stud – Sheep Week preview (S&L)

July 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

In his own words, Tim Jorgensen “lives and breathes” sheep and this passion benefits his family’s stud and commercial sheep operations. Along with parents Basil and Heather and siblings Samantha and Nathan the Mertex stud was founded in 1996 at Antwerp, with the purchase of 10 Texel ewes from the [...]



July 20th – 26nd 2018 – Australian Sheep & Wool Show – Bendigo
August 6th – 7th 2018 – Hamilton Sheepvention
September 2018 – Royal Adelaide Show
September 2018 – Bendigo Elite White Suffolk Show & Sale
October 18th – 21st 2018 – Royal Geelong Show

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Flock Rams For Private Selection from September

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